Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪

118. Baking it Down - Tomorrow Me

June 27, 2023 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 6 Episode 18
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪
118. Baking it Down - Tomorrow Me
Show Notes

🗑 Tomorrow Me 🗑

My dad used to make us stay after church and help clean up the nursery rooms, classrooms - whatever needed cleaning. When he'd change out the wastebins, he'd throw in an extra liner. I asked him why. "Because today I know I have enough liners, but next week, I might not." 

This is the concept behind "Tomorrow Me" - taking very small actions today when you know you have the time that'll save you potential future stress. 

Tomorrow Me isn't a big concept - in fact, "tomorrow me-ing" is a culmination very small things that don't make a huge difference, but over time lead to lower stress and a better overall experience - for both you and your clients. 

Examples of "Tomorrow Me-ing" your Life:

🗓️ Having your cutters set out at the beginning of the week.

Likely, you know what orders you gotta tackle this week. Take an hour to set them aside. Bonus if it's in the bins where you'll store the baked cookies - that'll make for easy access come fulfillment time.

🗓️ Scheduling 2 more posts than usual.

"Tomorrow Me-ing" doesn't have to batch schedule 2 months of post. You can just sprinkle an extra one or two at the end of your weekly posting schedule - lookin' out juuust in case somethin' pops up and Tomorrow You can't make it to a keyboard.

🗓️ Batch making and freezing dough when you're bored.

Got some time to slay? Throw some dough into the Kitchen-Aid (or batch in a Bosch) and mix up some future time space for Tomorrow Me. Batch-making dough means future you may be pressed for time, but doesn't have to worry about turnin' on a thing! 

🗓️ Creating email templates whenever you write a good generic response. 

You can create email templates in Google Workspace - I mean you already had to write that generic email - why not save it for a quick click reuse for Tomorrow You? One very small action can mean hundreds of saved minutes over the course of the year.

🗓️ Ordering supplies in twos.

Like those piping bags you're about to run out of? Order then add one. Ordering supplies in doubles means future you ain't gotta sweat a thang. Know you really like those boxes on Amazon? Snag them now - who knows if they'll be outta stock when you need 'em most.

🗓️ Scheduling a reminder email.

In both paid and free Gmail, you can schedule emails - I love to do this when an order is finalized - send the confirmation and right after, use your scheduling abilities to write up the reminder and have it ready to send - so Tomorrow you can completely absolve themselves of having to remember to remind.

You see - "Tomorrow Me" is a chill approach to "Today Me" doin' just a little summin' summin' extra to relieve the pressure tomorrow. It's a simply delicious concept and easy to implement. Listen to the rest of our list (and I'm so sorry - there's WAY too much giggling on this podcast episode) on Episode 118 - Tomorrow Me.