Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪

127. Baking it Down - The Nuclear Option

September 05, 2023 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 7 Episode 7
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪
127. Baking it Down - The Nuclear Option
Show Notes

💣 The Nuclear Option 💵

Put ya money where ya goals are.

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💥 Okay - a lil' more context before you send me your life's savings. 

I really like David from the Raptitude Blog - and one of his more recent emails talked about "atomic accountability" in the form of the nuclear option. 🤯 It's putting your money where your goals are.

Here's how he words it - basically, there are things you ✨need✨ to do and you don't ✨want✨ to do. So you, instead, do a bunch of other less important things but feel like you accomplished something. Sure - you did, kinda. But you didn't accomplish the one thing you knew you needed to do. 

💰 This we've all experienced. But how David goes about conquering this dilemma is either a financial risk or a productive reward. 

You see - he puts his money where his goals are by giving his best friend $300 on the caveat that she can keep the money should he not accomplish the goal within the designated timeframe. He set the goal and the time constraints, so it's not like it's unfair - but 👣 he's holding his financial feet to the 🔥 fire by putting his money where his goals are.

His reasoning (per his website) is this: 

  • 💥 There is no way I would pay $300 just to avoid the thing a little longer
  • 💥 There is no way she would give me the $300 if I don’t do the task, despite my excuses
  • 💥 There is no way I would pretend to have done the task just to get the $300 back 

💵 Let's up the financial ante - let's say you wanna teach a cookie class, but you've been putting it off all year. Knowing that the holidays are the proverbial "license to print class money," you think "I should teach classes." Okay - you know you should. You have all the tools to teach a class (ahem - shameless plug for the Cookie Class Kits), and you have the time now to plan it. 

Paypal $500. Put the following information in your payment description:

  • 💸 Your Name
  • 💸 Your Goal
  • 💸 Your Time Constraint 
  • 💸 Your Email

🍴 If you don't meet your goal, I'll keep your money and think of you the entire time I order off the Olive Garden menu on your dime. 👨‍🍳 And I will not refund you for any sob stories. Consider me your banking bestie. 😂 If you do meet your goal, email me a photo of the goal completion proof, and I'll refund you your money (begrudgingly, but also proud of you). 

You see - we know we have to do the thing. But we also know how best to deceive ourselves in believing that putting it off is a good idea. So let's remove the "me" and replace it with "money" - because money tells no tails. But boy does it hurt to lose it. 

So Corrie and I will take our own challenge, but I'll add a lil' more fun to it:

  • 💥 She gets me the Cookie Class Kits curriculum for both Thanksgiving and Christmas by October 1.
  • 💥 Or I keep her $300.
  • 💥 But if she does get her goal, I'll pay her an additional $100 and return her $300.

I'll let ya'll know what I bought with her money as my Twinterest on the podcast. 🤣

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