Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪

130. Baking it Down - Make Mistakes.

September 26, 2023 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 7 Episode 10
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪
130. Baking it Down - Make Mistakes.
Show Notes

🩹 Make Mistakes.

I watched (see: was addicted to) a TikTok the other day where an insanely successful older man was interviewed on a podcast. 🤔 The interviewer said, "How did you know it was time to expand your business? Which metric were you tracking that helped you make the jump into expansion?" 

🧐 "Metric? We weren't following a metric. I knew we needed to grow because we weren't making any mistakes. When your business is growing, you're making mistakes because you're trying new things, and we weren't making any mistakes which means we weren't growing."

❤‍🩹 Such is the topic of this week's Baking it Down podcast - learning to love making mistakes. 

Corrie wanted to get into cake balls recently (heyo, cake ball Gina Wade). 

Anyways - 🛫 to say the take-off was bumpy was an understatement. ⚪ The first round of cake balls were more like cake blobs (hey, I'm not hating - I still ate them). The next round got interesting - in an effort to get a "birthday cake" color, Corrie added in jimmies (🍦 ya know, your typical colored ice cream sprinkles). 

All was well and good until we bit into them and realized the jimmies had been proverbially "rustled" and their color had bled into the baked dough giving the interior of each cake ball a disconcerting greenish hue (🤢 and not a fun green either - more of a sad "could this be E.Coli?" green). 

🤔 "Well, it's okay - you're family, right?! They don't mind!" 

Well - yeah, except for half the order Corrie sold to a customer who later sent the awkward 😳 "uh, am I gonna die if I eat these??" email. Corrie fully refunded of course, and it made for a hilarious retelling at the Olive Garden. 

But she was ABLE TO MAKE A MISTAKE because she was trying something new! Learning requires losing. 🩹  And losing, as long as we learn, means we grow. 📈

🤑 And guess what? Hallmark (yes - let's get our Christmas ornaments - I'm totally in the mood!) just placed an order for 3 dozen (less green) cake pops. 

The point of the podcast is to learn to love making mistakes - because that means you're trying new stuff, learning new skills, and putting yourself out there. What's the boat quote? 🚤 "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships were made for." 

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