Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪

133. Baking it Down - Corporate Girly Era

October 17, 2023 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 7 Episode 13
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing 🍪
133. Baking it Down - Corporate Girly Era
Show Notes

💼 Corporate Girly Era

Corrie was on a mission this year to enter her ✨corporate girly era✨ - 👨‍💼 a time in her life (and business) where she gets most of her leads from small to medium-sized businesses (and heck - at this point, international businesses). 

Why? 🧦 Because corporate clients rock baker's socks - that's why. Here's the magic of corporate orders:

  • 🏢 Single POC likely
  • 🏢 Deep business pockets 
  • 🏢 Basic Designs (heyo, logo cookies)
  • 🏢 Potentially for recurring orders
  • 🏢 Large-scale orders typically 
  • 🏢 Very little back and forth 

😣 In the world of lots of detailed custom orders with clients breathing down your neck, fighting you on pricing, and showing up late for pickups while asking for discounts - corporate orders can be a breath of fresh air. 

And a really great way to diversify your income streams. 🌊 That way when the summer vacay season comes, your lead sources don't dry up as they head for the waterfront with the kiddos. 

SO - you're in, and you want a slice of this corporate cake. 🍰 But how?  Here's our 6-step workflow to getting into your ✨corporate girly era✨.

💼 1. Your content has to shift.

To attract corporate, you must become corporate - well, at least your content has to feature it. Don't have a corporate order to feature? Make one up! Find a business you can feature and then surprise the business with a logo cookie.

💼 2. Secure the tools.

When we say corporate, we mean quick - and often to a larger scale than customs. We ain't bakin' for baby turnin' 1 no more, we're baking for large events where the "corp client" likely wants to hand 200 folks a cookie with their logo on it. How can you work at scale? Invest in the tools to do so. Here's what we've got:

  • ✨ Airbrush machine
  • ✨ Cricut for stencil cutting
  • ✨ Bosch for big batches
  • ✨ Eddie for D2F printing (direct to food - gutter folk)
  • ✨ 3D Printer for custom cutters

This stuff ain't cheap. Eddie alone is $3,000. A Bambu Carbon (which we happen to be giving away TWO at this year's 2023 Vendy Blendy) runs $1500. BUT - with these large-scale corporate orders, we are pulling in large-scale corporate checks which is a great way to cover the investment costs of these machines and then some. 

💼 3. Nail down the corporate tech.

💰 Nothing says "small beans and risky at best" than a baker telling a corporate client to pay them PayPal "friends and family" so the baker can skip out on taxes. If we want corporate money, we gotta look corporate ourselves. 📧 Get that custom domain - it's $12 bucks and that custom email while you're at it - it's only $6 and makes a 🌎world🌏 of difference when it comes to looking legit. 

  • ✨ Get a Custom Domain / Email
  • ✨ Send the invoice from an Invoicing Software
  • ✨ Get your government EIN 
  • ✨ Set up a Business Bank Account
  • ✨ Maybe get a Business Address (UPS sells these)
  • ✨ Have your W9 ready to go
  • ✨ Setup business Insurance (just in case)

💼 4. Start a corporate outreach campaign.

Well, if stuff sold itself, I'd be out of a job. Fortunately for me, it doesn't - but that means we need to design a marketing campaign to reach our business buddies. Email lists - yes, BUT - segment them out. Make a list for just corporate clients. It'll make a lot more sense to send them team-building packages. Not so much to the baby who just turned 2 who you baked for. 

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