Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ

138. Baking it Down - If I Gave You a Million Dollars

November 21, 2023 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 7 Episode 18
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ
138. Baking it Down - If I Gave You a Million Dollars
Show Notes

πŸ€‘What if I Gave You A Million Dollars...

Would you do it? πŸ€” "Do what? But also - yes," you might ask - and that's exactly the point of this week's podcast. If you knew you were going to get a million dollars for taking a benign action, most of us wouldn't think twice before we did it.

Full confession - πŸ‘• I was cleaning out my closet, πŸ‘– donating what I hadn't clearly worn in over a year to the VVA nonprofit to resell in their thrift stores. πŸ‘š As I'm perusing this jam-full closet, my brain is jumping through hoops to make excuses as to why I suddenly may need to wear that shirt tomorrow that I haven't looked at in 2.5 years. 🫣

🧠 Wild the mental gymnastics our brains can flip through. Also wild to think at one time I thought I could pull off a crop top. But I digress...

So - I thought to myself, πŸ€” "How many shirts would I throw into that donation pile if I was offered a million dollars to only leave hanging what I actually wore?" I can guarantee you that I wouldn't think twice before another half of my closet found the donation bag. 

πŸ€‘ I'd do a lot of things for a million bucks - and purging my fashion faux-pas would be an easy one to add to the list of "can do's." πŸ€” But why is it so easy for me to purge my ponchos when there's a million bucks on the line, but take away the green stuff, and I suddenly think I can make Mary Janes work at 35!?

Incentive - πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅ specifically, incentive we can see. 😜

The issue with running a business is that the incentive is often hidden behind time and tasks. πŸ₯Έ We aren't sure there's a million bucks on the other side of making that post or going Live on Facebook, so we think up excuses - much like me with the πŸ€”  "Well, maybe I do need that shirt that's 2 sizes too small." 

But how do you know that there isn't a million dollars? πŸ₯§ There's a giant proverbial pie out there - and there's enough slices of said pie to go around. But the catch is - only you can cut your own slice. 

πŸ’° And the way small business owners cut their own slice? Put the work in. Put the excuses to bed. Show up. Repeat. Until that million dollars - or that paid-off mortgage, or the kid's college tuition, or the... or whatever that hidden incentive is? Work until you get that.

πŸ’³ Work as if you knew someone would give you a million dollars if you did the thing. Whether posting to social consistently, entering your corporate girly era, joining a local chamber meeting, teaching cookie classes, hosting a pop-up - πŸ’° do it as if you had a million-dollar check waiting for you on the other side - because who knows, there just might be.

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