Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ

139. Baking it Down - 2023 Best Baker Gift List

November 28, 2023 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 7 Episode 19
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ
139. Baking it Down - 2023 Best Baker Gift List
Show Notes

🎁 Best Baker Gifts 2023 (feel free to forward this email) 

πŸŽ…πŸ» Corrie had a genius idea (they come around to her once a decade) to ask bakers what they think other bakers would want should they find their names scrawled on Santa's nice list this year. πŸ“œ

Ho-Ho-Hold your credit cards, because some of these are really creative! We've come up with an "actually affordable," mid-grade, and budget-buster list for you... to forward to your... ahem... in-home Santa. 

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„ So if you find your friends and fam askin', "What the elf does this baker want?!", here may be a decent shopping start line. Heads up - none of these are affiliate links, so click away unimpeded, my friend! 

🎁 1. Actually Affordable

  1. A Spotify Subscription Gift Card
  2. Amazon Hand Massager 
  3. Vanilla Beans for Extract (Indri's is a good place for this)
  4. Stupid Car Tray
  5. Ender 3 Pro (they go on sale from time to time - don't pay full $)
  6. UberEats Gift Cards (for delivery on busy days)
  7. Bakety Bakey Royal Batch - 1 Lb (code TWINS saves 10%)
  8. Acrylic Turn Table
  9. Skincare (Duke Cannon's Bloody Knuckles Hand Cream) 
  10. Aprons
  11. Cookie Cutter Subscription Boxes
  12. Heat Sealer
  13. Cute Baking Tees (Doughmestic / Bakery Tee Co)
  14. Scribes 
  15. Ring Light
  16. Americolor Basic Six Kits
  17. Edible Ink Markers
  18. Small Fisker Scissors for Cutting
  19. Coffee Mug Warmer
  20. Rubber Spatulas (skip wooden handles)
  21. Cookie Countess Rolling Pin
  22. Filament
  23. Universal Attachment (code SCMARKETING could save some $)
  24. Box Cutter from Amazon
  25. Two Dollars Transfers Club

🎁 Mid-Grade

  1. Anti Fatigue Mats (for feetsies comfort )
  2. Kitchen Aid Auto-Sifter Attachment 
  3. Plum Paper Planner Gift Card (for the pen / paper girlies)
  4. Bambu P1P Printer
  5. Dehydrator (Cabellas is what Corrie uses - 10 tray)
  6. Bakety Bake Royal Batch - 5 Lb (code TWINS again - 10% off)
  7. House Cleaner 
  8. Massage Gift Cards
  9. Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)
  10. Custom-made Cookie Signage / Pick Up Box for Porch Pick-ups
  11. Sweetest Tiers Stencil Holder
  12. Photography Backdrops (code SUGARCOOKIE saves 20%)
  13. Airbrush (Sweet Pink Olive / Cookie Countess)
  14. Kodak Luma 150 Projector 
  15. Stands (Shop Canvas / Arkon)
  16. Half Sheet Pans (Corrie suggested Nordic Ware)
  17. Chua Mats 
  18. Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extracts 
  19. Hulken Bags
  20. Nutrimill Artiste Mixer
  21. Cash for Cookie Events (CookieCon / SoFlo)
  22. Fancy Scribes (The Sugar Cookie Dealer)
  23. Americolor Nifty Fifty
  24. Monthly Class Subscriptions: Artee McGoo, Sams Cookie University, Colorful Cookie, Cookie Class Kits by Cookie College

🎁 Budget Busters

  1. Eugene Dough Sheeter (save $25 with this link)
  2. Create a Room
  3. Primera's Eddie
  4. Bosch Universal Plus Mixer (maybe try code SCMARKETING)
  5. Bambu Carbon X1C Bundle
  6. A Year in Cookie College (get 2 months free when ya sign up)
  7. A Cricut (to print stencils / packaging)
  8. iPad Pro (and Procreate)
  9. Americolor Heavenly Seventy 

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