Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ

141. Baking it Down - The Cookie Class Kits Explained

December 12, 2023 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 8 Episode 1
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ
141. Baking it Down - The Cookie Class Kits Explained
Show Notes

🏫 The Cookie Class Kits Explained and how you can get all 13 kits for $4.84 each

Okay yeah - Heather here. I made a calendar boo-boo and thought I'd be in town on Monday, but turned out, I'll be outta town, so I had to record the "Tuesday Podcast" for the "Onesday Wednesday Newsletter" on Sunday - so, πŸ‘‹ hello from the past. 

Since I had to podcast a la solo, I figured I'd walk you through why the Cookie Class Kits are a great deal right now. And I'll break down what ya get, for how much, and when you need to get it by.

πŸŽ’ 1. What are the Cookie Class Kits.

The Cookie Class Kits are everything you need to teach a cookie class - the class curriculum, the promotional materials, the copy, the supplies list, the decorating videos, the class PowerPoint, the math - yeah it's a lot.. All you need to do is add you (the instructor), the dough and cutters (also linked in the supplies list), and a venue. We wanted to take the "overwhelming" out of teaching classes - and thus the Class Kits were born from years of teaching classes, learning from mistakes, and adjusting - and here's what we're left with - everything that'll make a successful cookie class experience! 

πŸŽ’ 2. Why You Need to Sign Up Now for the Deal.

Every year, we archive old courses and classes. The Class Kits Membership is no different. All of the 2023 classes are archived on December 31, 2023, to make room for the 2024 class content.  

But right now - you can get both the old 2023 classes AND the 2024 classes (class kits drop a month early to give folks more time to promote the class and sell class tickets) for the price of 1 month's membership. 

πŸ€” "Why would anyone not have waited until December to sign up then if you get EVERY class for the price of just one class?" 

I like how you do baker math. The reason folks signed up all year long (and didn't wait until now) is because they wanted to teach the classes ✨throughout✨ 2023 as we dropped them. They paid a premium to access them as soon as they dropped (first week of each month). 

But you, you procrastibaker, you - you get to benefit from laziness and snag them now to teach in 2024. 😴 as the sayin' goes - you snooze, you win. Wait...

πŸŽ’ 3. When the Deal Ends.

Okay - technically it's not really a deal - it's just good timing on your part. But that timing ends on ⚠️ December 31, 2023, when the 2023 classes disappear (you can still snag them in The Cookie College level membership), and you're left with the 2024 classes (β›„ we already have January's Build your Own Snowman Class and ️🏈 February's Superbowl-themed Class is in the works). 

πŸŽ’ 4. How much it Costs.

So - each month you're a member of the Cookie Class Kits, it's $63. πŸ’΅ Meaning you can sign up for one month, download everything (all 13 classes), then hit the cancel button and that'll mean that you'd get all the courses for $63 - which comes out to $4.84 per class! πŸ€‘ Hey - I ain't no genius, but I know a good deal when I see one (I am also biased - but it's a good deal - trust me - these courses take forever to make). 

🚫 Cancel and never be rebilled again - ooor - πŸ‘€ stick around for the 2024 classes (️🏈 February's will drop in the first week of January to give people over a month to promote the class to attendees). 

πŸŽ’ 5. What's the Catch? 

The catch is that this deal expires in less than a month - 😭 so this won't be nearly as good a deal on January 1, 2024, as it is on December 31, 2023. πŸ€” Hey - why not download them now - even if you don't teach classes, you can still sell them as DIY Kits and send the PowerPoint along w