Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ

144. Baking it Down - Community Groups 101

January 02, 2024 Heather and Corrie Miracle Season 8 Episode 4
Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing πŸͺ
144. Baking it Down - Community Groups 101
Show Notes

πŸ“ Community Groups 101 - Creating Your Greatest Lead Source

Community groups - you love them, you hate them, you love to hate them, you hate to love them - but they are a lead source powerhouse, and we're not ones to sit on the sidelines when it comes to making that dough (baking and monetary types). 

So what happens when you get banned from a community group? Or when your community group doesn't allow sales? Or if your community group is a dead group plagued by mobile detailing duct cleaners? Well - you make your own community group.

And that's easier said (on the podcast) than done, but here's some tips to get you started in crafting a value-added community group from scratch.

πŸ“‘ 1. Branding

πŸ“Œ Group Name should be Brand + Location + State
πŸ“Œ Create a Page + Group
πŸ“Œ Branded Graphics (Cohesive across Page + Group)
πŸ“Œ Comprehensive About Section
πŸ“Œ Group Settings (Private / Visible / Discoverable) 
πŸ“Œ Add Secdonary Admin + Page as Admin

You'll want your community group to include both your city and state (this will vary depending on the population of your locality), but we need to optimize for Facebook Search (a version of SEO) - so include the city and state (unlike Corrie who has now found how just how many "Lake Ridges" there are in the US). 

Create a corresponding business page - yes, you'll have to run another page, but pages allow for more flexibility in ads and you can also set the page as the group owner, cross-link the page and the group, and run ads as the page (group ads are slowly rolling out). 

Regarding branding - update the group's cover to match the page's cover - pro-tip: find a photo (or go out and take a photo) of a recognizable fixture in your community - it'll resonate with your audience when they see it and think "hey, I live there! I'll join this group!" 

Write a few paragraphs as your About Section. About sections are SEO real estate but they also help your audience know what the group is about. Answer "who, what, where, when, why" to cover all your "about section" basics. 

Your group is discoverable, but we don't want a free-for-all. Set your group to private (this will force people to answer the entry questions - more on that later), visible (hidden groups are invite only and not our goal), and discoverable (Facebook will recommend your group to others). 

Facebook groups no longer allow admins to boot primary admins (awesome), so add one as a back-up (make sure it's someone you trust with strong passwords). You can also set your page as an admin. Any content managers should be set as mods.

πŸ“‘ 2. Content Strategy is a Growth Strategy

πŸ“Œ Create Value-Added Content
πŸ“Œ You'll be Talking to Yourself on Posts
πŸ“Œ Go out and Make Local Videos (About Town) 
πŸ“Œ Create Resource Lists
πŸ“Œ Create Weekly Content Buckets 
πŸ“Œ Post Consistently!!!
πŸ“Œ Hyper Local - Memes / Videos
πŸ“Œ It'll Require Monetary Investment 

The hard part of making a valuable group is coming up with the valuable content. It's work - and it's hard work, consistently, over a long period of time, with very little thanks. Trust the process. Build it and they will come... to find out where the local splash pads are. 

For a bit, you're going to be talking to yourself, and it'll feel weird. Get a family member to start a dialogue in the comments (this helps with the group's engagement and the post's reach). Hit the pavement and record local about-town videos! Again - no one will watch them at first. Trust πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ process.